Product Metrics: Learn The Secrets & 4 Types Of Metrics That Matter

Product Metrics

How do you create a product that will sell? What are the product metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter for product success? We will teach you what to measure and how to drive your product to success. You’ll learn about product usage, product quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, conversion rates and more. Choosing Product […]

Product Life Cycle: The 5 Stages & Sales Channels You Need For Product Success

Product Life Cycle

Launching a new product can seem like an insurmountable task. However, if you have the right launch strategy and take advantage of the right growth levers and sales channels, you’ve got a better chance of getting your idea off the ground! We will discuss the product life cycle, what it takes to launch a new […]

Agile Product Management: Master These 5 Key Methodologies & Concepts

Agile Product Management

The Agile Product Management framework is the new standard for product development. It’s a way of working that has been proven to increase productivity, reduce risk and bring about higher quality products. But what are the key elements of an agile product management process? What tools do you need to succeed? And how can you […]

How to build a Product Roadmap: 5 Key Tactics For Product Success

Product Roadmap

You have a brilliant idea for a digital product or service that will revolutionise the world. How do you go about getting this idea into reality? You need to define your plan of action and create a Product Roadmap. This blog post is designed to teach people how to build their own roadmap, which they […]

What is a Product Vision: 5 Steps To Get all Stakeholders on Board

What is a Product Vision

The Product Vision is the ultimate goal for your product. It’s what you want the product to become, and it’s up to you as Product Owner or Product Manager to bring that vision into reality. But how do you articulate that product vision so that all stakeholders buy in? Let’s explore storytelling techniques and tips […]

Master The Basics Of Product Validation With These 9 Tips

What is Product Validation

​​In this guide, we will cover some product validation basics to help you understand how important it is to develop a deep understanding of your audience. What is Product Validation? Product validation is about solving problems and creating products that people want or need. In order to do this successfully, you must know who your […]

The Product Management Team: The 4 Essential Roles For Product Success

Product Management Team

A Product Management Team is a group of people that focus on the process of developing and launching new products. Product Teams are made up of Product Managers, Product Designers, Product Marketers, User Researchers and more. They come together to brainstorm ideas for new features or iterations on existing features. The Product Manager usually leads […]

What is Product Management: Learn 7 easy ways to get started in Product Management

What is Product Management

If you’re not sure what Product Management is, this will give you the basic information that every aspiring Product Manager needs to know and 7 easy ways to land your first job in Product Management! What is Product Management? There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding product management. A product manager’s main goal is to […]